For those living in isolated rural communities in Uganda, access to basic health services is difficult. Thousands of people die every year, many of them children, from curable illnesses and diseases. One of the main goals of the Uroda Foundation is to change this reality.

During a recent visit to our community farming project, we were presented with an opportunity to help the family of a little girl who was experiencing serious health issues caused by an undiagnosed growth on her face. Meet Maureen.

For a number of years, Maureen’s family worried about this large growth on the left side of her face. As well as being very painful, this growth caused Maureen to experience regular bouts of fever and other unpleasant symptoms. Our team wasted no time in reaching out to a local hospital and arranging a consultation for this little girl. 

As a result of this, Maureen recently underwent surgery to remove this growth. The operation was a complete success and Maureen is now receiving follow-up treatment and is living pain-free. 

This is just one example of how a small intervention can save people from potentially fatal consequences. If you’d like to support our work in Uganda, feel free to email us at

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Kampala, Uganda, 26th October 2020

Uroda Ventures has today completed the acquisition of 13 acres of land at Butenga, Bululi, Nakasongola District, Uganda, from Mr. Emmanuel Makumbi. Work will begin immediately to develop the site into a 10-acre ginger farm. A community education hub and visitor centre will be built on the remaining 3 acres. 

Pictured: Mr. Emmanuel Makumbi, vendor of the land, and Mr. Martin Mayanja, Co-Founder of Uroda Ventures.  



18th October 2020

Uroda Ventures Co-Founder Martin Mayanja has travelled to Kampala, where he will spend two weeks surveying potential sites for the first Uroda Model Farm.

"We have five or six potential sites in mind. During this visit, I will work with our local team to assess each site in terms of location, access to water, and overall fertility of the land. We'll also meet with local community leaders to outline our project and the benefits we hope to bring to the local area." - Martin Mayanja.